RECEPT digital video
monitoring station


Communication with up to 1024 different sites having digital TSH movement detectors installed
Live monitoring of protected sites in quadruple mode
Registration of sequentially received video image frames
Replay of locally or remotely recorded alarm sequences
Remote control of on-site output devices
Graphical user interface with mouse, all menus and messages in English (French, Russian and other languages)
RECEPT - a remote monitoring station equipped with TSH modules, registration of incoming alarm messages from connected sites (maximum 1024 sites) including pictures of the event and digital records of image sequences during monitoring of connected sites. These sequences may come from cameras situated at the sites or be made available from replaying records on local disks in these sites. During connection with the controlled site the monitoring station staff can use the RECEPT module to change the state of the system output (e.g. remotely change the illumination, play warning message etc.) Access rights to output devices, the quality and consequently the speed of frame transmission are defined during the configuration of the modules. RECEPT has many convenient features, such as the ability to store remote camera images for later comparison. The on-site cameras are described in words on the RECEPT display when this information has been obtained from the site.
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